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Podcast Interview // Click for Instagram

Podcast Interview // Click for Instagram

DAN-GANJA & OB1 first started making beats their sophomore year of high school. Although they lived in the same neighborhood for years, it wasn’t until a few mutual friends and their similar passion for music connected them, from there, they were able to solidify this relationship that they’ve cultivated into they’re own collective, RICH MIND$. They’ve been going nonstop ever since, working with various artists and challenging themselves to put out music of their own wave. Trying to solidify their standings as artist and producers, they’re here to showcase new music to start off 2017. DAN-GANJA is ready to make his debut along with good friend and producer DJ OB1 himself, these two are here to talk about DAN-GANJA’s self titled EP that released Feb. 4. Keep an eye out for these two in 2017, they’ll be making moves along with the RICH MIND$ group to put themselves on the map.
— by Cristian Solorio

 What is Rich Minds?

 "Rich Minds is something we kind of... you know, we all..... Anybody can be a rich mind you just really gotta be self-motivated and dedicated in what you want to do, not necessarily what makes you money. It’s not always materialistic; it’s a way of living."

 What inspired this album to start?

 "You know to be honest that’s a good question man, honestly it just came about, we weren’t even working on this project, we were both working on something totally different, we were actually working on an instrumental project. . . then we just started the whole rich mind movement, being around the right people inspired me personally, that’s when I started thinking of verses in my head again."

What do you say inspires you?

 "I find inspiration in everything; the people around me, different scenery, meeting a new person, that’s just me, bro. So far, everyone in this room I can tell you I didn’t speak to half this room up until a couple months ago. And it’s all thanks to Rich Minds. It’s all of us in this shit."

 What was the creative process behind Jedi Masters?

"I think this is still one of my top 3 songs on the EP. This song was done a long time ago to be honest. Dan G had the song almost done, it was supposed to be an instrumental, and almost right away that’s when we decided to make it a song. This was the only track that we sent out for mastering."

The Current Radio-01/27/17

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